Backdrop Rental


This beauty is available for rent only.

Available for residents located in or near Grand Rapids, MI. Price is based on your availabilty to pick up and drop off. Use the contact form or email me directly at to discuss your date.


For those of you located outside of the pickup/drop off area - contact me for pricing/shipping/handling.


Photos provided by Chelsea Blair Photography

  • Hanging & Care

    We do not provide an arch (yet! - this in the works). Please discuss hanging with your venue or provide your own means to hang.

    When hanging, carefully run your fingers downward to separate the loose strands and reposition ropes as desired.

    To clean the tapestry, remove from the wall and while outdoors, sway from side to side to release any dust particles. Do not attempt to wash the rope.

  • Shipping Info

    Use the contact form or email me directly at for more information on shipping for this backdrop.

  • Size

    6' x 5'

  • Weight